Water Advisories and Boil Water Orders

A Precautionary Drinking Water Advisory (PDWA) occurs when total coliforms (bacteria) are found in your water sample. 

An Emergency Boil Water Order (EBWO) occurs when fecal coliforms (E. Coli) are found in your water sample.

If you receive a PDWA or EBWO, users of that public water supply must be alerted immediately

Before water is safe to consume (during at PDWA or EBWO), water must be heated to a rolling boil for 1 minute. Please see the link provided for more information: http://www.saskh2o.ca/advisories/PDWAs-EBWOsFactsheet840117112006.pdf.

For a PDWA or EBWO to be removed, two bacteriological samples, taken at least 24hrs apart, must be submitted to an accredited laboratory (See lab information here).  Both samples must be free from bacteria before the PDWA or EBWO can be removed. Additionally, a public water supply's design, treatment and maintenance routine must also meet minimum requirements.

For information on current PDWA’s & EBWO’s in effect visit: http://www.saskh20.ca/advisories.asp