About Population Health Unit

We are a committed team of health professionals working to help the people of northern Saskatchewan preserve and enhance their health.

The Northern Saskatchewan Population Health Unit is unique in the province. It is a major collaborative initiative of the Athabasca Health Authority (AHA), Keewatin Yatthé Regional Health Authority (KYRHA) and Mamawetan Churchill River Regional Health Authority (MCRRHA), as expressed in the Northern Health Authorities Co-Management Partnership Committee memorandum of understanding. The geographical area served is 307,180 square kilometres, almost half the province. The population is approximately 39,000.

The goal is to maximize the utilization of resources, while respecting the autonomy and identity of individual health authorities. In collaboration with them, we provide support, expertise and specialized programs.

We are responsible for community health surveillance, health protection and disease control, including enforcement, as mandated by The Public Health Act and related regulations.

In addition, we play a role in community health consultation and advice, population health promotion, healthy public policy, community development and health education. We also evaluate population health initiatives.

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