Public Pools   

Public Health Inspectors license and inspect pools to monitor compliance with The Swimming Pool Regulations, 1999, the Swimming Pool Design and Operational Standards and the Whirlpool Design and Operational Standards.

This is including but not limited to facilities such as swimming pools, paddling pools, whirlpools and water theme facilities.  

Approval & Licencing:

To obtain health approval for a pool the following needs to be submitted:

  1. Application  
  2. Pool safety plan along
  3. Engineered construction and design plans (must be stamped). 
  4. Proof of Pool Operator's Course

To obtain a licence to operate:

  1. Application reviewed and granted approval
  2. Initial pre-opening inspection
  3. Licence will be issued based on the inspection findings

Pool Operator's Course:

Due to low demand and lack of pool facilities within the North the course is not offered through this health region.  This course is offered more regularly in the spring/summer through the Saskatoon & Regina Health Regions.  Most other regions in Saskatchewan offer the course once a year.  The course can also be taken through the Department of Kinesiology at the University of Saskatchewan.

Bacteriological Sampling: 

A part of ensuring biological water quality in pools is regular water sampling. The requirements are that a minimum of one sample be taken per month from the pool. The sample results must be zero coliforms per 100 ml. 
In addition, a Public Health Inspector can take, or have operator take a sample, at a more frequent interval if considered necessary. 

Water samples that are taken must be analyzed by the lab within 48 hours of the samples being taken. In some cases, a 72 hour northern exemption is available to operators in the northern regions of Saskatchewan.

Water sample bottles and requisition forms can be obtained from the MCRHR Population Health Unit office upon request. Please call 306-425-8512 for more information or visit the Government of Saskatchewan website.


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