Food Safety Courses

The Population Health Unit offers FOODSAFE Level 1 (2014 version) course throughout the year.  There will be a course offered in the main communities every fall/winter.  Please submit a registration form at least one weeks in advance of the posted course. To hold a course a minimum of 10 students, aged 16 years and older, must be registered for the course.

To register for an upcoming course please fill out the registration form HERE and submit to the Population Health Unit.

A course can also be requested at any time HERE, as long as the minimum of 10 students are registered.

The course costs $65 per person, and takes 6 to 8 hours to complete.  Courses usually start at 9am. Payment for the course must be submitted (prior to or on the day of the course) to reserve a seat and to prevent delays in receiving course certificate.

The FOODSAFE Level 1 course teaches students microbial, chemical, & physical causes of food borne illness, and how to prevent it.  Students will write a multiple choice exam after the course, and the passing mark is 70%.  Students will receive a certificate following the successful completion of the course.  Certificates will not be mailed out until the course has been paid for in full.

FOODSAFE Course Level 1 Schedule

Students can also purchase the online Basics.fst 4th Edition FOODSAFE Course Level 1 through The Population Health Unit.  The online course is $50, and the final exam must be proctored by your district Health Inspector. 


Approved Food Safety Courses Offered in Canada:

List of approved in-class food safety courses offered in Canada:

  1. Basics.fst and Advanced.fst Food Safety Training for Food Handlers (TrainCan, Inc.)
  2. FNIH Safe Food Handler Training Program
  3. Food Safe 1 & 2
  4. FoodWise (scroll down to Compliance & Policy          Resource – FOODWISE)
  5. Managing Food Safety Course by Food Safety Market 
  6. National Food Sanitation Training Program (NFSTP)\
  7. SafeCheck Advanced Food Safety 
  8. Saskatchewan Basics Safe Food Handling
  9. ServSafe (Manager’s Certification Program)

List of Approved on-line food safety courses offered in Canada:

  1. Basics.fst Food Safety Training for Food Handlers (TrainCan Inc.)
  2. Canadian Institute of Food Safety
  3. FoodPrep - Food Handler Certification
  4. FOODSAFE Level 1 online
  5. FOODSAFE Level 2 online
  7. KnowledgeWare - Food Safety for Food Handlers 
  8. Managing Food Safety Online Course by Food Safety Market,cms_featured_course:1
  9. National Food Safety Training Program (NFSTP) 
  10. Probe it Food Safety
  11. ServSafe Canadian Course
  12. SafeCheck Advanced Food Safety
  13. Saskatchewan Basics Safe Food Handling