Health Monitoring and Research

The Population Health Unit monitors the health and living circumstances of the people of northern Saskatchewan. This includes changes in population and community characteristics, determinants of health, health service utilization, and the health status and well-being of northern Saskatchewan residents.

In conjunction with the Athabasca Health Authority, Mamawetan Churchill River Health Region and Keewatin Yatthé Health Region, the Population Health Unit coordinates the approval process for research involving health authority programs and services, facilities, staff or client data. The purpose of the research approval process is to help foster research that will benefit the health of the population and contribute to scientific knowledge, while protecting the rights and confidentiality of northern clients and communities.

  1. Health Monitoring

    • Current Northern Saskatchewan Health Indicator Report
    • Health Indicators Reports, 1998-2011
  2. Collaborative Health Research Projects in Northern Saskatchewan

  3. Research Approval Process