Opening a Public Eating Establishment

All food facilities require health approval prior to constructions/renovation and operation.  In addition to health approval, Public Eating Establishments also require a license.  This license typically has a one year expiry date and is free of charge.  The only other food facility that is licensed is an abattoir (slaughterhouse).  

Please be aware: All foods served must be from an approved source.  No home-cooked foods are allowed to be served from a food facility or at a temporary food event.  Contact your district health inspector for a list of licensed and approved kitchens that can be used for cooking (examples are churches and community kitchens).

Application For Health Approval - for licenced Public Eating Establishments


Please review the Public Eating Establishment Standards or the Food Processing Facility Best Management Practices in conjunction with completing the application (links below in additional resources).   For slaughterhouses and meat processors, please review the Food Processing Facility Best Management Practices, and The Sanitation Regulations.

Application For Health Approval - for Food Distributors and Liquor Outlets

Plans will be approved or rejected within 15 days after the date of submittal.  Failure to provide complete plan information may extend the review time.  No changes from the approved plans are permitted without prior written approval from the Population Health Unit.


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